Available courses

Day 17 - Publishing Ecosystem  - Aazhi senthil nathan.

Day 19 - Networking - Research - Market Knowledge - Mr. Ilango 

Topic: Sales Techniques and proposal preparation strategies
Resource person: Olivannan Gopalakrishnan

Day 14 : Nermin Mallaoglu Turkey, Video Conference

Resource Person : Nermin Mallaoglu Turkey

Inward Translation into Tamil

Resource Person : G.Kuppuswamy

Session 1 -  "Literary English as a life skill" by Thiru.Peer mohammed
Session 2:  Topic; Translation Considerations
Resource person: Dr.Sankarasaravanan

Ethical consideration in Literary Agency

Resource Person : Swapna Sundar

International Publishing&Translation Dynamics

Resource Person : Aazhi senthil nathan

Role Playing & Simulation

Resource Person : Olivannan & Elambahavath

Workshop on Tamil literature

Resource Person - Dr. Sankarasaravanan

Session 1 -  Globalising kids Tamil Literature , Ival Bharathi

Session 2 -  Business Management , Gandhi Kannadasan

Session 3 - International Literary Agent Behavior , Ilangoven Chinnusamy

History and significance of Tamil literature

Major Tamil authors, works, and contemporary trends

 Resource Person: Sankara Saravanan

  • Overview of global publishing and the role of a literary agent

  • Resource Person: Aazhi Senthil Nathan 

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